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Mermaid Marine Air Conditioning

Gulf Island Sails is proud to be a southwest Florida dealer for Mermaid Marine Air Conditioning's marine cooling products.

Dealer for Mermaid Marine Air ConditioningSince 1983, Mermaid has been providing quality marine air conditioning and related products to thousands of satisfied customers, nationally and internationally. As part of Mermaid Marine's extensive dealer network, Gulf Island Sails is committed to providing quality, service, and low cost to Mermaid customers.

All Mermaid air conditioning products are constructed of quality components assembled on solid stainless steel bases. All marine air conditioning models are available in 120VAC or 220 VAC 50/60 Hertz configurations. And all Mermaid air conditioners come with the security of a full five-year warranty (US and Canada sales only) on the total air package. And, for our international customers, Mermaid is now an official CE approved company!

Quality Construction

Mermaid Marine Air Conditioners are constructed of the finest component parts available. These include a compressor, a high pressure safety switch, a solid state electronic compressor start switch - all mounted on a solid high-grade stainless steel base. Digital Controls are standard with each package. Self contained, pre-charged, and pre-wired, our units are unsurpassed in quality construction, efficiency, and affordability. Our light-weight, low profile units are also easy to install, and include easy to follow directions for "do-it-yourselfers". That's why most Mermaid marine air conditioning customers install their own unit.

New lines

This year, Mermaid came out with some new lines, the Mermaid 304-18 gauge stainless steel ice makers, the Mermaid portable stainless steel refrigerators/freezers, the Mermaid stainless steel dehumidifiers, and now the MEDI-KOOL™ emergency vehicle Rx climate control unit lines. Each new product has been designed to be at home in the marine, RV, and emergency response markets. With the exception of the new Rx emergency vehicle lines, each unit is manufactured using high grade stainless steel designed to give you years of beauty and durability.

Unlike other ice machines, refrigerators/freezers and dehumidifiers, Mermaid has engineered its cabinets to be a durable machine inside and out by utilizing a 100% stainless steel. Mermaid's Ice Makers and Kool-Chests™ are 100% stainless steel outer cabinets with an embossed aluminum inner lining. We are confident that our Mermaid ice makers, refrigerators /freezers, and dehumidification systems are ready to take on the rigors of the southwest Florida marine environment.

Mermaid's models I3 and I3i Ice Makers are manufactured to produce between 20 and 25 lbs. of ice within a 24-hour time span! The marine refrigerators/freezer are the KC lines. The Ice Makes are the I3 and I3 models. The Dehumidifiers are the DP lines. The MEDI-KOOL (tm) emergency vehicle Rx climate control units have been researched and developed to provide you with years of efficient, attractive usage. Using 12v technology and a memory back-up control module, each and every Mermaid MEDI-KOOL™ unit is advanced in operation and usage.

Find out more at Mermaid Marine Air Conditioning's Web site or contact us for marine air conditioning.